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Phew! That was a long one!


When I got my start in email marketing, working among some fantastic people, we wrote, edited and then we wrote some more. Copy, style and voice were a big deal to us, and we enjoyed it. Over time, our copy length was shortened and ultimately removed. Now, many are saying customers no longer want to read copy, and they’ve resorted to using only images to appeal to their audience. Like many topics, I exist somewhere in the middle. I adore beautiful images that pull you in, but I am moved by the written word. The fact remains that on platforms like Facebook long posts may loose customers’ interest. So why not consider a blog? Let’s compare…

Per a 2012 Mashable article, “Facebook research has shown that posts between 100 and 250 characters — one or two lines of text — get 60% more Likes, comments and shares than ones that are more than 250 characters…” 200 characters is approximately 40 words, folks, and in my opinion, that’s still too much for a place like Facebook.

What if you have a lot to say, or you’d like to share several resources and links to improve your SEO? Why not use a blog? An informative 2014 Marketing Land article shows, “Based on research by blog publishing platform Medium, the ideal length of a blog post takes visitors 7 minutes to read. That works out to be between 1,400 and 1,750 words, as the average person reads 200-250 words per minute. Medium found that after 7 minutes, readership started to drop off.”

Got something short and sweet? Put it on Facebook. Feel chatty? Head towards your blog and link it up on Facebook later.

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