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It’s that time again. Time for SXSW -  when, seemingly, the whole world descends upon this once-small town. and the locals hightail it out of here. If you’re here in Austin, you’re either checking out musicians from all corners of the earth and eating all the BBQ, TexMex, tacos you can get, pitching the next big idea, or networking with likeminded, hardworking, hard-playing individuals such as yourself. Maybe all 3! 


Eat all the food. Listen to all the music. Meet all the people. Get it done. Austin loves to have you. 


And, if you’re an entrepreneur, startup, small business or well-established corporation looking to:


-improve connection with your community

-increase warm traffic

-build your email list

-build your business

-discover what your community needs


...We can help. 


Are your social posts falling flat? Are your sales numbers dragging? If you have an existing product, online sales, impending launch, and you know the strategies are not working or don’t know where to start, Faitt Media can help.


Often times, when we’re up to our ears in our business, we’ve got everything nailed down, but need help with getting the message out, reaching our ideal customers. We think we know how to reach them — we’ll send out some newsletters, and we’ll do some Facebook posts and ads. But nothing works. In the end, we feel frustrated. We've wasted time and money on these campaigns. 


Do you reach out to a boutique agency, throw more money at the problem and wait for the orders to roll in? Do you hire someone adding even more to your payroll? 


At Faitt Media, we’re focused on creating marketing programs and conversion-based copy and content, based upon YOUR needs and research on YOUR clients in order to build relationships and your business. 


We believe in research, testing, data and authenticity. Combining social media strategy with carefully crafted content, we strive to reach the customers who are the best fit for you, who really want your product or service.


At Faitt Media, we put your data and our copy to the test in order to connect with your community and grow your business. We can supplement any project or team to by creating:


-About, landing or sales pages

-Email sequences that get read

-Facebook and other social content

-Marketing plans and strategies


…and more. 


You may stay up till 3 am rocking out to some of the best new bands around, and you may certainly eat the best food any restaurant on wheels ever produced while later waking up late to breakfast tacos and BBQ only to do it again after your networking gigs. That’s ok. We don’t judge. Enjoy yourself — connect, chill, rock, EAT, and then, when you’re rested and focused, sign up for a free content evaluation with Faitt Media. 

Fill out this simple little form for BBQ, TexMex, queso and beer! Eh..maybe that's overpromising. Fill out this form, and let us know where you need help. We can set up a call for a free content eval!  

Thanks! Message sent.

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