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Waiting for the perfect moment.

This summer, I went all out with fitness. I was able to rise before the family and beat the heat here in Austin. I ran, attended boot camps and hit my home gym. My blinders were on. I was focused. Marketing is sometimes like that. We know exactly what we’re doing, or we’re relying on past efforts and clients. The conditions are perfect, and we’re chugging along, until… Until allergies hit. Yes, I said allergies. This weekend, some nasty junk in the air has hit hard. No matter how many medications I take (4 to be exact), I couldn’t shake this fuzzy-headedness. Ultimately, I forced myself to put down my fourth cup of coffee, laced up my shoes and got outside.

Sometimes, getting creative while running your own business and planning your marketing programs can feel unclear, like a struggle or uninspired. It falls to the bottom of the list. Some think creativity should visit you in moments of inspiration. Yet, as an entrepreneur, that’s the opposite of what, often times, needs to occur. While many ideas come to me in the shower or during a run, more often than not, it’s when I schedule time to brainstorm and research. Yes, folks, I add it to my calendar. Carving out time to get creative, to consider your business’ values and marketing plans should be on your calendar on an ongoing basis. Even brainstorming for 30 minutes to an hour can net several good ideas or jumping off points that you didn’t have prior.

What are your tactics to break through the fuzzy-headedness, procrastination or waiting for the right moment when you need to get things done for your business?

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