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An intentional review of the last year's marketing efforts.

Ah, the New Year! 2015 is here. We’re all a bit cold, and maybe a few of us have a “headache,” but I bet many of you, those of you who run or just started a new business in 2014, were already thinking about the year ahead while celebrating yesterday. Before diving into 2015 full-steam ahead, take some time to consider what worked for you last year. How were you advertising? Did it work? If you were not advertising, how can you start this year? How was social media working for you last year? Were you using email marketing to reach out to your customer base? Are there any industry events you should plan ahead at attending? Did you have goals (or non-goals)? Did you create a marketing calendar? What didn’t work? Did you have a grand marketing plan in your heart of hearts, but not on your calendar? Did it end up falling by the way side because you had work to do? If you’d like some help setting intentional goals for marketing your business, reach out at and stay tuned for tools and tips for 2015!

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